Team set a record winter port cargo handling


The staff of the SE “Berdyansk sea trading port” continues to set records cargo handling, working in extremely difficult conditions. According to the head of the company Nikolai Ilyin in February 2015 a team of SE “Berdyansk sea trading port” set a new record – this time handling winter.

In February of this year amounted to 300.2 thousand tons of cargo handling at the plan of 145 thousand tons, or 207% of the planned cargo handling. It was a record month for the winter handling 184-year history of Berdyansk port. Installed it in spite of the depreciation of crane equipment and mechanization in difficult economic conditions and adverse weather factors February

Recall that in January of this year amounted Cargo 285,5,0 tons – 147.1% of the planned volume 175th. tonnes.