Department contract work

45345636Department contract work under way for agreements on the main port and economic activity , including contracts:

- On the handling and storage of cargo and containers , forwarding agency, chartering of vessels ;

- On logistics drip, construction drip, repair and modernization of fixed assets;

- For other services.

For contract with SE ” Berdyansk Commercial Sea Port ”, in the case of a positive decision the Port Authority awarded a contract by now – a resident of Ukraine, must be submitted to the Division for Treaty robots now certified copies of the following documents:

- Help for inclusion in the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine ;

- Certificate of state registration of a business entity;

- Certificate of registration of VAT payer;

- Excerpt from the Charter of the enterprise legal status, address, powers of the head of the enterprise;

- Protocol destination (order ) or order on the person who will sign the contract;

- Information about opening a bank account, the customer’s solvency and bank details;

- Information about registering a taxpayer; data about the status of the payer of the income tax.

To conclude a contract with a non-resident of Ukraine, you will be legalized certificate of state registration of legal entities and documents confirming the authority of the person signing the contract ( for example, legalized by statute).

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