Department cargo and commercial work


Main activity of cargo and commercial work focuses on conducting business of the port cargo handling , including , first and foremost , planning delivery of goods at the port of shipment and on the court, or other modes of transport .


The main activities of cargo and commercial work includes:

– Bilateral cooperation and relationship to address the major issues with commercial shippers and shipowners , forwarding and agency firms;
– Control of intact transshipment and documenting their respective receiving and shipping , compliance with the rules of storage, commercial operation of warehouses ;
– Analysis of the implementation of plans of importation and export of goods, the use of warehouse space ;
– Control of transport – freight forwarding operation in the port , the implementation of regulations on management of commercial documentation, timely provision of cargo owners , forwarders instructions for receiving goods, conditions of storage ;

To match the capabilities transshipment in the port should send an application letter addressed to the chief port on the port receiving confirmation and handling of a load . The letter must specify the application planned for transshipment cargo volumes (total and monthly ), the mode of the traffic (export, import , transit, cabotage) , size of ship parties , expected timing of delivery of cargo – export .
Until acknowledgment cargo port , the cargo (freight forwarder) must submit the following documents:
– Certificate of quality ;
– Certificate of origin;
– Characteristics of the goods;
– Passport or certificate of radiation safety;
– Sanitary-epidemiological conclusion ( sanitary ) examination.

43545345345Firms working with the port Berdyansk should:
– Every month to provide port applications for inclusion in the plan for the main cargo delivery to the next month ;
– In the case of the additional delivery to the basic plan, you must write to the port application letter about the possibility of confirmation of acceptance of the goods , indicating: shipping name , his number , departure station , the recipient , the freight forwarder at the port.