Cargo area

portThis area is performed handling transshipment of any nature and destination in different types of messages (with rail, road and back on the water), transshipment of bulk cargo from rail to water and road transport, congestion unitized and bulky cargoes produces reweighing of cargo wagons and truck scales, provides services for temporary storage.
The cargo area has a specialized handling equipment, warehousing, intra railroad station-related Berdyansk. 

Handling equipment:

  • 35 gantry cranes with a capacity of 5-40 tons;
  • 2 gantry crane, respectively, 32 and 50 tons;
  • crawler and truck cranes 6,3-50 tonnes;
  • 16-ton floating crane for handling bulk cargoes under option “board-on-board”;
  • trucks with capacity from 1.5 to 22 tons;
  • rail and truck scales;
  • silos for unloading hopper cars (grain, mineral wagons);
  • railway ramps for loading / unloading boxcars and platforms.