Safety at work

safetyThe main goal of occupational safety and the environment – providing implementation of legal, organizational, technical, sanitary, socio-economic and health care measures aimed at preventing accidents, occupational diseases and accidents during business activities of the port. Enforcement of legislation of Ukraine on Environmental Protection. Avoiding environmental pollution in parts of the port.

Specialists quarterly service is “action plan to address the deficiencies on safety” in subsections port approved by the director of the port and the port is an internal document.

  • This document reflects the information:
  • continuous monitoring of the SW and its design;
  • condition of hand tools and electric-gas equipment;
  • Control and measuring devices and their calibration;
  • protective clothes;
  • hygiene and sanitary conditions of employees;
  • personal protective equipment (belts, ropes, etc.), their trial and execution;
  • ventilation systems;
  •  storage, delivery, acceptance, fault detection;
  • security organization of work;
  • performance requirements;
  • medical checkup;
  • availability of instructions in SW units in the workplace;
  • state road coverage passes;
  • availability and staffing signaling trails berths;
  • performance of developed and approved measures SW;
  • timely necessary tests and technical inspection equipment;
  • timely training and testing of the SW.

Annually consist statistical reports on forms  and others.
Each year consists plan and implemented control conditions to be approved by the chief port and is consistent with the head of a SW.
Continuing orders issued by the port associated with implementation of environmental legislation; issued mandatory orders to eliminate violations of environmental laws, and by acts of regulatory inspections annually received permits for waste disposal for their removal to the city landfill TBV; permanently organized monitoring of sea water and air; constantly reviewed and agreed to the WTC reloading annually composed and implemented an action plan for environmental protection, restoration and management of natural resources in the port, and so on.