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1jpg3 02.03.2015 - 4:28

Team set a record winter port cargo handling

The staff of the SE "Berdyansk sea trading port" continues to set records cargo handling, working in extremely difficult conditions. According to the head of the company Nikolai Ilyin in February 2015 a team of SE "Berdyansk sea trading port" set a new record - this time handling winter.

пресс2 27.02.2015 - 8:33

Berdyansk port cargo handling set a historical record for the year

First time in its 185-year history, the port handled more than three million tons of cargo during the year, to be exact - 3,197,000 tons, said Acting Director of SE "Berdyansk sea trading port" Nikolai Ilyin.

654654 30.01.2015 - 8:52

Berdyansk port cargo handling set a record in December

In December 2014 the collective SE "Berdyansk Commercial Sea Port", led by Nicholay Ilyin, set another record for the current year cargo. This month it reached 343.6 thousand tons or 196.3% of the planned lunar cargo. This was 160.7% to that of 2013 and 170.5% of the data of 2012. This was a new record December reloading the entire 184-year history of Berdyansk port.

48484 24.12.2014 - 8:55

The port is preparing to alter loads Ukrainian steelmakers

In connection with the attack, in which was destroyed railway bridge that connects Mariupol sea port city of steel mills, the leadership of Berdyansk Commercial Sea Port JSC representatives asked "Donetsksteel" steel mills "Azovstal", Mariupol, JSC "Zaporizhstal". They carried the shipment of its products via Mariupol port.