Policy & Goals


SE “Berdyansk Commercial Sea Port”
the quality in the years 2015-2016 is realized through achieving and maintaining a high level of organizational and qualification:




1. Providing direct participation and responsibility of each official port to improve the quality of client service port.
2. Stability of revenue and port.
3. Customer satisfaction through high quality service delivery.
4. Improving the Quality Management System.
5. Continuous improvement of production activity.
6. Increased investment appeal.
7. Implementation of the company in accordance with the Strategic Plan of the State Enterprise “BMTP.”



SE “Berdyansk Commercial Sea Port”
the quality in the years 2015-2016:

1. Achieving high competitive port and develop new markets.
2. Increase the economic efficiency of enterprises.
3. Involvement processing Berdyansk port cargo traffic through highly profitable goods.
4. The increase in cargo each year compared to the previous period of at least 3%.
5. The maintenance and development of social policy.
6. The maximum efficiency of the company, the Strategic Plan of SE “BMTP.”