Berdyansk port cargo handling set a historical record for the year


First time in its 185-year history, the port handled more than three million tons of cargo during the year, to be exact – 3,197,000 tons, said Acting Director of SE “Berdyansk sea trading port” Nikolai Ilyin.
At a press conference dedicated to this event, the head of the port has paid special attention to the fact that the “record year”, when almost every month in the second half of the year was a record – it is a merit of all port workers who had to work intensively for the entire second half of the year.
This is due, primarily, to the reorientation of traffic from Mariupol to Berdyansk of the fighting in the Donbass. For the same reason virtually ceased transshipment of coal and coke, represent a significant share in the structure of cargo. Instead, the nomenclature of goods metallurgy products appeared, almost twice the processing of grain grown in three – clay.
Given the more than 70% wear technology, the transition to unconventional earlier port cargo, such as sheet metal, wire rod, as well as severe weather conditions – autumn storms and hurricane-force winds, port team has shown that is capable of working with high performance. And 486 vessels treated during the year only confirm this. As a result, the port has one of the highest in the industry margins – more than 22%, received 259 million hryvnia income and 38.707 million hryvnia net profit.
The average salary in the company in 2014 amounted to 6377 UAH, while the dockers-machine operators – 8 937grn. For the year provided additional remuneration – the so-called 13th salary. The budgets of Ukrainian port transferred UAH 97,090,000, including 49,811,000 – state and 47,279,000 UAH- to the local budget. 2015 port started another record – the January Cargo exceeded 257,000 tons, which is close to that of the summer months.