Berdyansk Commercial Sea Port continues to develop options for reorganizing the company


On June 24, a regular meeting of the commission on reorganization of the enterprise took place. Together with representatives of the staff and heads of departments, the commission members discussed options for revising the existing structure of the port.

The delegation of State Enterprise “Berdyansk Commercial Sea Port” visited the Olvia port, which has a number of common features with the Berdyansk sea port in terms of technical characteristics and nomenclature of processed cargoes. According to Deputy Director on Economics Oleksandr Klymenkov, with 657 people in 2018, 2.1 million tons of cargo were transshipped in the Olvia port, while Berdyansk sea port with 925 people (the number of employees today) processed 900 thousand tons. Berdyansk port workers learned from the experience of colleagues, studied the organization and division of labor of the state port.

Deputy directors Oleksandr Klymenkov and Sergiy Onufrienko, and chief engineer Vitaliy Gurenko voiced several options for reorganizing the existing structural units by merging them or transferring a number of powers from one service to another. The heads of the enterprise, as well as the heads of departments who report directly to the director of the port, also voiced their vision of the expediency of reducing the number of employees in the departments entrusted to them.

The meeting lasted more than two hours. A number of proposals were submitted for revision and discussion among stakeholders. Acting Director Alexander Troshchenkov stressed that the decision will be made after a detailed analysis of all proposals. The final point will be put by the commission by voting.

Moreover, the Head of the enterprise added that during the defense of the financial plan of State Enterprise “Berdyansk Commercial Sea Port” on 2020, the Ministry stressed that the decision on reorganization should be made only on the spot. The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine in no way encourages the manager and the staff to make redundancies. The management of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine advised to consider the real situation at the enterprise, which is best known to the port workers themselves.