Storage space

3443535For storage of goods used 110.8 thousand m2 of warehouse space: open – 97.7 thousand m2 closed – 13.1 thousand m2.

Storage of goods in warehouses of the port is carried out in accordance with the contract for handling with forwarding companies. Forwarding company in accordance with the terms of the contract sends a request to the port for receiving and handling the planned volumes of cargo with indication of its brands, characteristics and storage conditions.

Employees cargo area and storage port is ready to receive a storage area of ​​said cargo. Open storage area for receiving bulk cargo shielded retaining walls and accepted representative forwarding company with the preparation of the relevant act.

Covered warehouses to accommodate food or grain cargo inspected and accepted by the relevant regulatory authorities.

When you receive the goods vehicle is placed on the prepared warehouses. Thalmann warehouse fills plummet or tally receipt for the goods, indicating the storage site. If the goods are taken with 100% reweighing, a reweighing of cargo forwarding was attended by representatives of the company or an independent Surveyor. According to the results of the commission shall be drawn reweighing of cargo acceptance.

During storage of cargo port warehouses are regularly inspected for timely identification of possible violations of the conditions of storage and condition of the goods. Check the temperature of the cargo in the stack (coal, bran flakes, etc..) To avoid exceeding the allowable temperature of the cargo.