History of the port

In 1824, Governor – General of Novorossiysk Territory Count Vorontsov an expedition to determine the site for the new port. Expedition leader - captain of Crete - was clear: a better place than the Berdyansk spit, do not find.

History Berdyansk port begins in the summer of 1830.

history1New port grew rapidly and intensively exploited: in 1836 there appeared the first foreign  ship, and three years later took over port 100 and 188 foreign ships coasting. Until the middle of last century, its turnover increased so that the port took the lead in the country in the grain trade. In the book of the Tauride province there was a record: “Now there is no doubt that for the Azov coast
Berdyansk port will be the same as for the Black Sea coast of Odessa. “

history2The revival began in the 20s. Already in 1924 were laid 2 km of railways, set 60 – meter mooring line, mooring restored foreign vessels.

Life returned to normal, the port continued to work and grow. But come summer terrible 41 – year. During the occupation had to endure hardships and port, and around our city.

When in 1943 Berdyansk was released from the Nazis, it became clear that the port will rise from the ashes . During the retreat punitive troops destroyed it completely. And it was revived. Already 3 June 1946 port receives the first post-war ship – a steam schooner “Adler” .

history5But time does not stand still. Updated and seasoned adversity Berdyansk Commercial Sea Port is becoming highly mechanized modern enterprise.

In 1980, in honor of the 150th anniversary of the port was awarded the “Badge of Honor.”

Now Berdyansk - a resort town known for its best sanatoriums, recreation centers and children’s health camps. In summer the town’s population increases threefold. People come here to relax, not only from different regions of Ukraine, but also in different countries.

Berdyansk Commercial Sea Port, which is located in the city, certainly affects the atmosphere, hydrosphere and soil of the region. It is therefore very important to ensure the environmental safety of not only the waters, but also the city and than pay much attention.