Geographical location

mapBerdyansk port is 46 gr. 45 minutes. north latitude and 36 gr. 46 minutes. east longitude in the Northeast part of Berdyansk Gulf of the Azov Sea.

Berdyansk Commercial Sea Port, located in the northeastern part of Berdyansk Gulf, consists of the outer road, approach channel and harbor Berdyansk . Berdyansk Harbour, where the main berthing facilities, protected by a breakwater. It consists of two pools – the West and East, which are internal raid. By the harbor approach channel leads (length 20 km, width – 90 m, depth – 8.55 m, with a draft – 7.9 m) and channel number 54. Entrance to the harbor is between the north – western edge of the breakwater and shallow water with depths up to 5 m depth in the port – 8.4 m

Hydrometeorological statements .

It’s windy. Prevailing winds northeast direction . Days with winds in excess of 15 m / s is 24 % for the year. The annual average temperature – 10.7 + C. Fogs observed 30-35 days per year.
Water level fluctuation in the minor port. Surges at 60-90 cm above the average level observed in the south- westerly winds with a speed of 12-15 m / s. Recessions water are rare and only possible with a strong northerly wind and prolonged.
Navigation in the port is open all year round.

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